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Image 1 for A night to remember: A Grand Re-Installation

A night to remember: A Grand Re-Installation

08 November 23

Brethren from throughout the state, interstate and overseas gathered at Sydney Masonic Centre in September to witness the precision and pageantry of the Grand Re-Installation.

It also marked the investiture of Officers for the 2023–24 year, who the Grand Master, MW Bro Les Hicks, thanked

‘I thank them for putting themselves forward to serve the Order,’ MW Bro Hicks said.

‘They will all donate a great deal of time and give of their ceremonial and professional expertise: all with the shared goal: to make Freemasonry in this jurisdiction the best it can be. My sincere thanks to them all.’

The event was not without its humour – at one stage, the new Junior Grand Warden, RW Bro Tubridy was perambulating the Lodge, much to the delight of his very young son, whose cries of “there’s Daddy” regularly punc­tuated the ceremony.


Representatives from the Grand Lodges of Victoria, New Zealand and Queensland were present, as were leaders of many of the other Orders that meet in NSW and the ACT under the broad umbrella of Freemasonry.

Victorian Grand Master Anthony Bucca said his large delegation was a ‘make good’ for not being able to attend MW Bro Hicks’ installation due to the COVID travel restrictions then in place.

‘This is the first time we’ve been able to travel as a large group and I wish MW Bro Hicks and his officers a very successful year.’

There was also a large online audi­ence, watching the ceremony via the Grand Lodge streaming service.

The Grand Master also launched a new Grand Lodge website and associ­ated membership database.

‘This new system is easier to use, cheaper to maintain and simpler to navigate,’ he said.

‘We want our members to stay, learn and lead the Craft into the future, and this can only be achieved if our structure plays its part to help them balance work, play and masonic obligations.’

By RW Bro Alan Gale, photography by RW Bro Romy Nieto


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