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Image 1 for A starry Installation

A starry Installation

09 January 24

On Tuesday 13 June, Lodge Southern Cross installed its 139th Worshipful Master, Bro Jesus Flores, into the Chair of King Solomon. Our highly respected DGIW, VW Bro Steven Bright, represented the Grand Master, assisted by the GDC VW Bro Jano Toussounian. Bro Daniel Prypchan provided a beautiful musical interlude and enhanced the depth and colour of the odes.

W Bro Flores was initiated, passed and raised in Lodge Southern Cross in 2000, and has been a consistent and reliable contributor to the Lodge. He has performed many offices over his 22 years in the Lodge, besides the normal line of progression. The Lodge is looking forward to this year, as Jesus’ theme is ‘Get Healthy’ and Lodge meetings will include many lectures, presentations and events designed to enable the membership to Get Healthy!

After the ceremony, brethren and partners assembled at the Festive Board in the SMC, where further live music was enjoyed, and a caricature artist pictorially expressed the true nature of his subjects. A very happy evening, and the start of a very productive year.

Lodge Southern Cross has a long and colourful history, being formed in 1881 and originally meeting at the Camelia Grove Hotel in Alexandria. Its brethren come from a variety of backgrounds, countries, faiths, and professions. Traditionally LSC has been focused on education, exploring the depths of masonic knowledge, and encouraging quality ritual.

Members of Lodge Southern Cross show off their good sides!


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