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An interview with Bro Dean Pritchard

01 February 24

RW Bro Owen Sandry started writing stories about young masons a few years ago. It was so popular that Freemason asked if the idea could be used in the magazine, and we’re delighted that he said ‘Yes!’

What year did you become a Freemason and where?

2020, at Lodge Wahroonga 674.

How old were you and how old are you now?

I was 28 at the time of my initiation and I am 31 now.

What position do you have in the Lodge now?

I have just been passed to the 3rd degree, so I have not been assigned a role in lodge as of this year.

What made your initiation special – anything you remember about the night, were friends there etc.

There are many wild conspiracies regarding a masonic initiation, and I was pleasantly surprised that none of those things were a reality and that I was witness to a wonderful ceremony. I will never forget the beautiful demonstration of friendship and Brotherhood.

Why did you want to become a Freemason?

I was intrigued by the mystery and wanted to see what it was all about. I had read some very strange theories and wanted to find out for myself, so I went into research mode and found the website of  The Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT and what I discovered there and still discover is a refreshing brotherhood of support and charity; a guide to build this jaded young man into a temple worthy of the light. A journey, that will continue beyond the death of my body.

What have you been able to contribute to Freemasonry and what has it given you?

I am a musician and songwriter and I have been able to offer music/poetry and PA operations to several lodges in my district and I have strong hopes of using these skills to generate more charitable

income for Masonry and its many causes. Freemasonry has given me a solid grounding and foundation, in which to shape who I am into the man I desire to be. A kind and humble man with a strong mind, open heart and disciplined tongue is the current objective.

Given you are from a country background, have you moved around to visit as a Freemason and what were your impressions of visiting other lodges?

I have yet to explore many lodges at this stage, but with travel on the horizon I intend on meeting with members from interstate and internationally as soon as business will allow.

Now, your current career, how did that come about?

Prior to Covid, I had spent 13 years performing professionally. I started out in restaurants and bars and worked my way up to ticketed shows in theatres and showrooms around the country.

2020 put a hold on that and brought forward a motion of events that led me to a much deeper understanding of life and myself. I am currently working as a music retailer and relaunching my career in music and getting the momentum back up and running.

In your work experience what has stood out and what’s your business vision?

The biggest challenge in my professional experiences so far has been the transition from CDs to streaming. The whole industry has been struggling to generate cash flow under these changes

as streaming pays very little – $0.063 per stream. I liken it to acquiring a lawn mower and only paying Victa $1 each time I use it. My vision is to reach a point where I can generate cash flow from the packaging of art once again.

Family… would you like to share if you are married (or plan to get married!) and how many kids would you like to have?

May 2024 will see myself and my fiancée Hayley tie the knot down in Ulladulla. We haven’t got children although the topic has come up. We are a bit uncertain of the future of the economy at the current time to be rushing into children.

What are your interests?

I find solace in carpentry, hiking, meditation and music production i.e., studio recordings etc.


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