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Image 1 for An interview with a young mason - Bro Omar Golfo

An interview with a young mason - Bro Omar Golfo

31 October 23


RW Bro Owen Sandry started writing stories about young masons a few years ago. It was so popular that Freemason asked if the idea could be used in the magazine, and we’re delighted that he said ‘Yes!’

We hope to make this new item a regular feature. If you know of anyone that has an interesting story to tell regarding either their masonic journey or indeed anything that makes them special, please let us know and we’ll follow it up.

This first account is from an inter­view conducted by RW Bro Sandry with Bro Omar Golfo of Lodge Education.

What year did you become a Freemason and with which lodge?

On 15 October 2016 I embarked on my journey as a Freemason, being initiated into the mysteries of the Craft. The sub­sequent steps of my masonic journey unfolded on 21 January, 2017, when I was Passed, and on 20 May, 2017, when I was Raised. These pivotal moments took place within Lodge Education No 814, a wonderful lodge that holds great significance in my masonic experience.

How old were you and how old are you now?

At the time of my initiation I was 34 years old, filled with a mixture of antici­pation and nervousness. Fast forward to the present day, I stand at 41, reflecting on the growth and lessons that my years as a Freemason have bestowed upon me.

What current position do you have in the lodge?

I am currently Senior Deacon elect of my Lodge, but I have previously been the Junior Warden of The United Lodge No 11, signifying my commitment to the continuous pursuit of masonic knowledge and service to the Craft.

What made your initiation special? What can you remember about the night?

The night of my initiation remains etched in my memory as a remarkable occasion. The lodge was abuzz with brethren from Lodge Education and visitors alike, accompanied by my supportive family. This particular initiation was memorable not only for its significance but also due to the fact that it was a triple initiation, shared with my batchmates, W Bro Mark Alvin Ramos from The United Lodge of Sydney, and Bro Edwin Villar from Lodge Education 814. The blend of trepidation and curiosity marked our journey into the unknown, a journey that began with a petitioning process lasting nine months, characterized by camaraderie and shared responsibilities. Our dedica­tion was palpable as we engaged in tasks ranging from dishwashing and food service to lodge upkeep, alongside the assistance of fellow brethren.

Why did you want to become a Freemason?

My journey into Freemasonry was cata­lyzed by RW Bro Khris Albano, who became my mentor and sponsor. The intrigue surrounding Freemasonry led me to attend a ladies night event for Lodge Education, where together with my wife I discovered the enigmatic world of Masonry. This serendipitous encounter set the stage for my initiation.

What have you been able to contribute to Freemasonry and what has it given you?

My contributions to Freemasonry have taken the form of a creative endeavour. I envisioned and established SnC Prints, a platform that showcases masonic mer­chandise, aiming to bolster the Craft’s presence in the community through the display of our iconic square and com­passes logo.

Given you are from the Philippines, have you been back there or to any other country to visit as a Freemason, and what were your impressions of visiting overseas lodges?

Traversing between my native Philippines and Australia, I’ve experi­enced the common thread of unity among masonic lodges. Regardless of geographical borders, there exists a network of support and camaraderie, a testament to the global masonic family.

How did your business of SnC Prints come about?

SnC Prints, a moniker derived from ‘Square and Compasses’, materialised from humble beginnings, evolving from small promotional prints to a diverse range of items including shirts, caps and promotional items to busi­ness signage and more.

What jobs have you had and what’s your business vision?

I have done some lodge logos (a special one being that of my mother lodge) and four other lodges, lodge activ­ity polo shirts, giveaways, souvenirs, Installation Media wall, banners t-shirts and a lot more. As my business vision crystalizes, I aspire to elevate SnC Prints into a comprehensive printing solution provider, catering to diverse client needs.

Would you like to share anything about your family?

I am married to my wife, Maria. Together, we are blessed with two wonderful children – Rome, my eldest son at 11 years old, and Venice, my vibrant daughter aged 5.

What are your interests?

Amidst my pursuits, bike riding stands as a cherished interest. It represents moments of introspection and adventure, complementing my masonic journey.

Are you a member of any other masonic orders or associations?

Beyond my affiliation with Lodge Education No 814, I proudly identify as a member of the Widows Son Masonic Riders Association. While I have not yet ventured into other masonic orders, the possibility of joining the Royal Arch beckons on the horizon.

In the tapestry of my masonic odyssey, each chapter has contributed to my growth as an individual, a mason, and a community contributor. As the years unfold, I remain steadfast in my dedication to Masonry and the diverse facets of life it intertwines with.

Thank you, Omar.


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