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Army and Navy OBEs

15 May 24

Lodge Army and Navy had another busy night with the initiation of three new brethren in December. In the presence of VW Bro Charlie Cosoleto, DGIW D38, the Worshipful Master, W Bro Paul Mostowyj initiated Bro Lieutenant Sam Iremonger, Bro Matthew Penfold and Bro James Moloney.

Bro Lieutenant Sam Iremonger graduated from the Royal Military College last year. He is currently serving in Sydney and has begun his career in Freemasonry. Bro Matthew Penfold, a Masonic Assistance Scheme candidate, has a long family connection to the lodge; his grandfather and great-grandfather joined early last century. Bro James Moloney is a lawyer who has served in the RAN as a lieutenant and claims to have spent more time at sea than most admirals!

The evening was topped off by our annual OBE (Over Bloody Eighty) celebrations in the South. This year, four of our brethren who have passed that milestone were present. Our youngest member, Bro Harrison Buxton, proposed the toast to our OBEs which was followed by the cutting of the cake. All our OBEs on the night are retired Army officers.



L–R: WM W Bro Paul Mostowyj, Bro Lt Sam Iremonger, Bro Matthew Penfold, Bro James Moloney, DGIW VW Bro Charlie Cosoleto.


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