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Bill becomes a Living Legend

15 November 23

Recognising achievement By RW Bros Kevin McGlinn OAM and Richard Dawes

Some of you are aware that RW Bro Bill Deeley has been awarded a special recognition in Bathurst which means that he is now a Bathurst Living Legend.

Five others were given the same award in 2023. The Council awards a maximum of six such awards each year on Foundation Day. This day recognises the foundation of Bathurst by Governor Lachlan Macquarie on 7 May 1815. (Bathurst is the oldest inland town in Australia.)

Bill is well-known in his community – he regularly visits people in the Whiddon Nursing Home in Kelso, is a member of the Bathurst Camera Club, and a registered Judge for the Federation of Camera Clubs. He also judges competi­tions for various clubs throughout NSW.

And if that were not enough, Bill is a life member of the Deniliquin Apex Club, the Bathurst Historical Society, and The Bathurst Family History Group.

Bathurst’s Living Legend Award is given to people who have made a major contribution to Bathurst over many years. The award conditions state:

‘The title Living Legend recognises the achievements of local individuals and the way they have contributed positively to the community. They are proven leaders amongst their peers and possess a drive to promote the positive qualities of Council, the community and local business.’

Several relatives and friends asked Bill for details of his award. The following description of his week plus the citation are what he forwarded to relatives and friends.

A normal week:

Monday: University of Third Age (U3A), Course: Current Affairs. Afterwards about 12 men and women have coffee together. Two Mondays a month I attend meetings of the Bathurst Camera Club.

Tuesday: Morning tea with a retired group of men. An interesting group: a surgeon; three retired doctors; a psy­chologist; an architect; a district hospital manager; a nurse and myself. Most days we attract a couple of ‘extras’. One morning a month I attend a combined Probus Club meeting.

Wednesday: Two mornings a month I go to a men’s Probus Club. Every week I attend U3A, on Wednesdays the course is Philosophy. Again, after Philosophy a group go out for coffee together.

Thursday: My cleaner comes every second week. (I use the cleaner because of my bad knee.) On the other Thursday I work on my photography, and often go out taking photographs. One Thursday a month I attend meetings of the Bathurst Historical Society.

Friday: During the morning, coffee on a farm outside Bathurst with five men. During the afternoon I play chess with the U3A.

Saturday: I take my lady friend shop­ping, and then spend time with her.

Sunday: Usually free, but every second week I usually visit people in a nursinghome. I also do a few small jobs for pen­sioners. (A few months ago, I installed a new toilet cistern.)

Masonic: I attend my Craft Lodge meetings and committee meetings every month. I attend Royal Arch meetings and Committee meetings six times a year. I also attend Ancient and Accepted Rite and Constantine Meetings.

I did manage to get my Lodge to form a small committee to investigate how we could improve our masonic activities. We developed a list of about 25 items which we have been working through, but the committee has suspended meetings at present due to a probable consolidation soon.


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