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Canberra Christmas Fundraiser

16 May 24

Combined Lodges Caledonia of Canberra 938, Capitol 612 and Chapter Caledonia

In front of the beautiful backdrop of Lake Burley Griffin, aided by the Christmas atmosphere, more than 45 lodge and chapter members, including several prospective lodge members, and their families, joined Canberra Yacht Club committee members and community attendees to savour the flavours of BBQ delights and, more importantly, to support the renowned charity, Sailability ACT.

Attendees learned about Sailability's mission to make sailing accessible for people with disabilities. The collaborative spirit of the lodges and the presence of the Commodore of the Canberra Yacht Club Sue Hart, Rear Commodore (Treasurer) Adre De Waal and Rear Commodore (Inclusion) Peter Brown who oversees the Sailability program and supported by the Canberra Yacht Club General Manager Steve Hart, resulted in a successful fundraising effort.

Companion Graeme Savage, Scribe Ezra of Chapter Caledonia, organised the fundraiser, raising $420 for the charity. The event also promoted awareness of Sailability ACT's cause, with several people with disabilities in attendance. The lodges and chapter donated all costs for the BBQ, and all prizes for the fundraising activity were donated by lodge members, with the venue provided free of charge by the Canberra Yacht Club.

Three-time Special Olympian Bro Allister Peek managed the sailing activities on the day supported by his father, RW Bro Terry Peek, both members of Lodge Canberra Unity, without whose assistance the event couldn’t have happened. Terry spearheaded the formation of Sailability ACT in 1998 and in September 2020 was awarded a NSW/ACT Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canberra Yacht Club. They added an inspiring touch to the event.

VW Bro Ron Tattersall managed the BBQ with skill and dedication, ensuring that the culinary delights were a highlight of the day.

W Bro Scott Kovacs, WM of Lodge Capitol and W Bro Brendan Neech, WM of Lodge Caledonia of Canberra and his family graced the occasion with their presence, further enhancing the sense of community and shared masonic commitment to this worthy charitable cause.

The Canberra Yacht Club hosted this memorable Christmas event that blended joyous festivities with a commitment to making a positive impact. As the community, lodge members, and their families shared laughter and goodwill, the collective effort left a lasting impression on the festive season and the lives touched by the support extended to Sailability ACT.

The consensus at the end of the day was that everyone in attendance can’t wait until next year's event, which is bound to be even more successful.


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