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Cars and compasses

16 February 24

By W Bro J Rick Atkinson

Bro Matthew McClure is 30 years old and a proud mason living in the Central West town of Orange.

Matthew says, ‘I became interested in Freemasonry after reading Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol and finding that both my grandfathers were masons. I began searching for information on how to join Freemasonry and in 2016 I was initiated into Lodge Canoblas Lewis No 806.’

Matthew is a very active member. He has created the Facebook group Freemasons Central West, has supported the webpage and is also an administrator of the Facebook page Australian Freemasons. His determination to promote Freemasonry in the Central West is apparent to his fellow brethren.

Matthew has worked in sales and when asked about hobbies, he replied, ‘My hobbies are Freemasonry and selling cars’.

He is a member of the Royal Arch, Constantine, Knights Templar and Rose Croix. Matthew holds the office of Senior Deacon and Membership Officer at Lodge Cowra No 33.

With Jess, his partner of 11 years, he lives in Orange with their two dogs and three cats. They have just purchased their second home.

Bro McClure comments that he is really enjoying Freemasonry and likes to meet and associate with like-minded people from all walks of life; he enjoys the community engagement and doesn’t mind a little ritual either.









The photo is of Matthew and his grandfather, W Bro Barry Rosser at Lodge Cornucopia No 1037 on the night Barry was presented with his 60-year jewel.  


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