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Image 1 for Dedication Rewarded: George Khoury Raised to Third Degree

Dedication Rewarded: George Khoury Raised to Third Degree

29 May 24

Recently Bro George Khoury was Raised to the Third or Sublime Degree of a Master Mason at Lodge Artarmon United 285.

Bro George's journey into Freemasonry began two years ago when he made an inquiry through the Grand Lodge Library, where he was a dedicated volunteer. Since then, he has been a tremendous asset to our lodge and District, contributing his time and energy to various activities.

Initiated at Lodge Artarmon and passed to the Fellowcraft or second degree at Lodge Kellerman, George's passion for Masonic history and commitment to our community have been evident in all his efforts. He has actively participated in every Lodge event, including the Christmas Alone event in December 2023 and several other charitable activities.

The Raising ceremony was beautifully conducted by the Worshipful Master, VW Bro Ken Shimizu, with the assistance of many experienced Brethren and visitors who delivered charges and supported Bro George throughout this significant milestone.

Visitors were welcomed from across the greater Sydney area.

In his heartfelt response, Bro George emphasised the importance of mentorship in Freemasonry. He thanked his mentors, RW Bro Randall Wilson PAGM and Bro Peter Jones, for their unwavering guidance and support since he became a Freemason.

Congratulations, Bro George! Your dedication and passion inspire us all. Here's to your continued journey and contributions to Freemasonry.

Article supplied by Bro Peter Jones Assistant Secretary Lodge Artarmon United 285, 


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