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Family lodge or family affair?

08 December 23

Lodge Antiquity No 1

It was another emotional night at Lodge Antiquity’s August meeting, when VW Bro Wing Commander Ivan Benitez-Aguirre, occupied the Chair of King Solomon and initiated his son, Nicholas Raphael Benitez-Castellanos.

W Bro Dr Paul Benitez-Aguirre was the Junior Deacon, and a special participant on the night was VW Bro Ivan Benitez- Salazar (affectionately known as ‘Brother Dad’) acting as Senior Warden.

Three generations of the Benitez family have now been initiated into Freemasonry. VW Bro Ivan Benitez-Aguirre has another son, Joshua, who is also a Lewis, and another brother W Bro Terry Benitez-Aguirre; both are members of Lodge Antiquity.

The Benitez family now has six members in Lodge Antiquity, five of whom were Lewises.

Benitez family members have occupied the Chair of Lodge Antiquity seven times.

At the Installation in June, VW Bro John Khoury installed his son Joseph, (another Lewis), into the Chair of King Solomon.

Lodge Antiquity is focused on building its junior membership and strengthening the future of the oldest lodge in Australasia.


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