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Grand Master Elect

12 April 24

At the Quarterly Communication on the evening of 13 March, RW Bro Bernie Khristianne (Khris) Albano, DGM was elected as the next Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

By RW Bro Terry McCallum 

In speaking of his election success, RW Bro Albano told Freemason: ‘I am truly  humbled by the result and I will serve  as Grand Master for all brethren.’

Knocking on the door of Freemasonry in 1997, Khris Albano was initiated into Freemasonry at Dalisay Lodge No 14 (Grand Lodge of the Philippines) in August 2002, completing his journey to Worshipful Master in 2007. He was appointed as District Grand Lecturer in 2010. After relocating to Australia, he affiliated with Lodge Jose Rizal No 1045 in 2011, serving as Preceptor for exemplification teams demonstrating the three degrees in various international jurisdictions. He later became the Foundation Worshipful Master of Elysian Lodge No 418 for the 2018–19 term.

He joined the Ceremonial Team in 2012, advancing through each of the roles until he reached the position of Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2019. Serving as Assistant Grand Master in 2021 and Deputy Grand Master in 2022 through to the present, he proved his dedication and commitment by his attendance at countless masonic events and functions throughout the jurisdiction in addition to his duties on the Board of Management, the Executive Council and involvement in various Grand Lodge Committees.

The current Grand Master MW Bro Les Hicks mentioned that RW Bro Albano has progressed actively from Grand Office to Grand Office serving in each role officially, so has never yet held a ‘Past’ rank. In presenting RW Bro Albano with his Past DGM jewel, the Grand Master said ‘It gave me great pleasure to be able to present him with his first “Past” jewel – that of Past Deputy Grand Master, which he can wear now that he is the Grand Master Elect. It is a position and jewel he will be wearing for only a few months, but I know he will wear it with great pride.’

In paying tribute to his successor, the Grand Master said that RW Bro Albano’s landslide election is a fitting acknowledgement of his commitment and dedication to Freemasonry.


RW Bro Albano lives in Sydney. He is married to Caroline and is the principal of Albano Migration, which provides assistance to intending migrants around the world in their migration journey to Australia. He holds professional qualifications and experience in the fields of engineering, supply chain logistics and business.


When asked how he saw his role as the next Grand Master, RW Bro Albano said: ‘Each brother I meet wants his experience of Freemasonry to be relevant to his everyday life and the best it can be. It does require a collective effort to ensure that we enhance the relevance and the experience of Freemasonry for ourselves, our new members and our communities. I give my commitment that my term of office will be dedicated to pursuing this object with considered focus and passion and to the best of my ability. I pledge to do this whilst always seeking advice and ideas from brethren about better ways to work together for the betterment of our Craft.’

He added: ‘As Grand Master, I will continue to be aligned with the brethren’s expectations and enforce good corporate governance, tight fiscal management and the need for balance and relevance in our traditions and aspirations.’




RW Bro Albano has joined 
a select band of brethren






The date for the Grand Installation is set for Saturday 28th September 2024 at Sydney Town Hall.




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