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Is this a record?

22 January 24

Two Lodges – one in Goulburn and the other in Sydney have a 74-year record of fraternal visits – is this a record?

By RW Bro Ron Neate

In 1946, when the road between Goulburn and Sydney was a goat’s track by today’s standards, Goulburn Lodge Duke of Edinburgh 76 and Sydney Lodge Wisdom began a tradition of fraternal visits that continues in 2023.

After a series of amalgamations and consolidations, it was Lodge William Ross 76 of Goulburn and Hurlstone Park United 288 of Sydney that met at Petersham in July, adding the 74th link to their chain of friendship.

Since then, there has been another consolidation, so the Goulburn-based lodge to carry the tradition will be Goulburn Lodge of Australia 58.

The work was a double second – two Brazilian brothers-in-law and brothers in lodge – one from Goulburn and the other from Lodge Middle Harbour 85 in Sydney.

According to Goulburn Lodge of Australia secretary, RW Bro Ron Neate, there is every plan to continue the visits.

“The chain has been continually growing – one link at a time – since 1946 and it is a matter of pride for both lodges that we continue the tradition,” he said.

The two candidates – Bro Rubem Couto Jr of LMH85 and his brother-in-law Bro Cassio Cuda – were both well prepared and the evening was a celebration of freemasonry.

The Sydney-based Bro Couto Jr was responsible for his brother-in-law considering Freemasonry and a contingent from LMH85 travelled to Goulburn for Bro Cuda’s initiation in April – both brethren have a family history of Masonic membership in Brazil.

What’s the bet there will probably be a double raising in Goulburn or Sydney sometime soon?

W Bros Nicola Cricelli (HPU 288) and Peter Watt (LWR76) and the brethren at the HPU 288 meeting in July.  

The chain of friendship that’s grown and grown.

The Sydney to Goulburn road in 1947 – topping the Great Dividing Range on the way out of Goulburn. Source: State Archives of NSW collection.


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