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It’s time to pass the baton

27 October 23

RW Bro Richard Dawes - Editor of the Freemason

At the end of December, I will step down as editor of Freemason. It gives me great pleasure to announce that RW Bro Terry McCallum will be the new editor.

Terry joined the Publication Committee just over three years ago, bringing extensive experi­ence in ‘pre-press’ and produc­tion, running his own business in this industry since way before computers came onto the scene.

Many would already know Terry in his role as the official photographer at numerous masonic occasions. You may have also read his articles giving tips and tricks in taking and submitting your photos to our magazine. Terry’s passion for the written word spans many decades. His topics range from technical, historical, narrative and sometimes even thought-provoking.

All of this combines to give Terry a good blend of the skills required to be the editor of Freemason, and I wish him well in his new role. Terry has asked me to continue to promote On the Level so all lodges will see my name from time to time.

We remind all lodges that they can support the Freemason by buying a What’s On notice for $60 a year. We also ask all brethren and all lodges to identify and tell us about potential advertisers.

RW Bro Graham Maltby PAGM has retired after more than 40 years on the Publication Committee. Graham has seen editors come and go but his loyalty and service to the Freemason have been a constant. He will be greatly missed and we thank him and wish him well in his retirement.

In conclusion, I thank all members of the Publication Committee for their assistance and advice, and I thank all brethren who have contributed to the Freemason magazine by sending us stories, wonderful photographs, inter­esting letters and corrections when our grammar has been found wanting!

Ougoing Freemason Editor - RW Bro Richard Dawes

Imcoming Freemason Editor - RW Bro Terry McCallum


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