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Image 1 for Local Masons and RFBI Forge a Lifeline for Glen Innes Public School's Breakfast Club and Donate $6000

Local Masons and RFBI Forge a Lifeline for Glen Innes Public School's Breakfast Club and Donate $6000

07 November 23

In a remarkable demonstration of community unity, the Glen Innes Masons and the Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution (RFBI) have joined forces to donate a generous sum of $6000 to the Glen Innes Public School's Breakfast Club. This partnership signifies the extraordinary power of the local Masonic lodge and charitable organizations in supporting essential community initiatives.

For years, the Breakfast Club has sustained itself through donations from local businesses, the community, and even the school's dedicated educators. This invaluable program has ensured that children do not start their school day on an empty stomach, addressing the critical issue of student hunger in the region.

VW Bro Russell Long member of The Glen Innes Lodge 44 and the Project Coordinator, highlights the pressing need for such programs: "Modern lifestyles, economic challenges, and long commutes to school often leave children hungry when they arrive for their first class. Studies have proven the adverse effects of hunger on educational outcomes. Thanks to the unwavering support from Glen Innes businesses and the community, we can strive for excellence in student achievement."

The stakeholders in this fundraising endeavor include the generous Glen Innes Masonic Lodge 44, which contributed $3000, the Glen Innes Lodge Ladies Support Group with $500, the New England Sovereign Chapter of Rose Croix No 68 also with $500, and the RFBI's substantial $2000 contribution, culminating in the total of $6000.

Brethren of the Lodge cut firewood and sold raffle tickets to raise their part in the donation. Their efforts show the outstanding achievement that can be produced from a small Lodge like ours.

These donations are set to secure the future of the Breakfast Club, ensuring its uninterrupted operation for the foreseeable future. While the exact cost of running the program is hard to quantify due to the prevalence of in-kind contributions, this collaboration ensures a promising trajectory for the initiative, potentially transforming it into a long-term endeavor.

This marks the inaugural donation to the school, with the RFBI requesting the Lodge's continued monitoring of the program's performance, remaining ever ready to provide further assistance when necessary. The combined strength of the Masons and the RFBI in this benevolent endeavor is indeed a testament to their commitment to the community.

Pictured are W Bro David Thomas WM of The Glen Innes Lodge 44  and his wife Christine reperseting the Ladies Support Group, VW Bro Ray Vickers. RFBI Ambassador our local state member Adam Marshall and V Ill Bro Wayne Jones Disdtrict Commander of the Northern Tablelands District of NSW for the A&ASR for Australia. 


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