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Image 1 for Lodge Benjamin Pryor No. 709 - Freemasonry in Action.

Lodge Benjamin Pryor No. 709 - Freemasonry in Action.

28 September 23

At the recent Re-Installation W Bro Grahame Lott, the Lodge was pleased to have RW Bro Ron Scanes PAGM, representing the Grand Master.


VW Bro Roland Martinez, AGDC, was the Grand Director of Ceremonies & W Bro Stephen Dobbs, the IPM, was the Installing Master who delivered an absolutely superb ceremony.




The Lodge was also able to celebrate the promotion of VW Bro Colin Webber and VW Bro Darryl Hayes, of the lodge who where recently conferred Grand Lodge Honours of PDGDC.



During the meeting,  the WM informed the Lodge about Emma Walsh.

 Emma who is only 13 years old, has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia  (ALL) and was only recently diagnosed in 2022. ALL is an aggressive form of cancer that lives in the bone marrow and white cells.

Having undergone 12 months of intense chemotherapy and treatment to bring it into remission, she spent over 180 nights in hospital and undertook 40 medical procedures in the last 13 months,

Emma will get treatment until November 2024. Restricted to a wheelchair she has a long way to go before she can live a normal life. Her mother has had to retire from her job and her father, Brendan, has reduced his work hours to assist in her recovery, causing some financial hardship.

Following a motion by the WM, the Lodge agreed that an immediate donation of $500 should be made from the Lodge charity account, and that an application be made to the Hunter Freemasons Association for a further $500 to assist the family.

In just 2 days the request was granted and a cheque for $1000 was presented to Emma and her Father Brendan.

Another great night of Freemasory!

Photo L-R W Bro Lott, Emma & Brendan ( Emma's Father)



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