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Image 1 for Lodge Macquarie's Epic Celebration: What You Missed!

Lodge Macquarie's Epic Celebration: What You Missed!

02 October 23

In July 2023, Bro Ivan Jalimao of Lodge Macquarie No. 53 was elected the WM for the ensuing Masonic year.

That same month the Lodge officially announced the installation details and sent invitations far and wide for what was planned to be an epic event and celebration.

During the lead up to the installation, the Worshipful Master Elect, lead his brethren on many fraternal visits in and without the district, encouraging visitation among lodges and to instil the importance of fellowship amongst the members of his lodge, which was evident as 230 brethren, ladies, children and guests attended his installation and Banquet.

But before the installation could be held, the 60 year old lodge room in Dubbo’s CBD was in much need of renovation, spear-headed by RW Bro John O'Brien PAGM and RW Bro Neil Richardson PJGW, and with the assistance of the brethren it was completed on the 22nd of September 2023, one day before the Lodges installation.

In August 2023, the Lodge visited Lodge Blacktown Kildare no. 393 where they held a public installation, the WM-E was then inspired to conduct the same. Motivated by the desire to create history for Lodge Macquarie no. 53 and to promote Freemasonry in the Central West, as a public installation was never before seen in the district.

Bro Jalimao “We felt that this was a great opportunity to promote Freemasonry in regional NSW such as Dubbo. Our dream was to restore Lodge Macquarie to its former glory”.

As dispensation for a public installation was applied for and was granted by the MW Grand Master, Les Hicks. 

A public Installation and a celebratory banquet was now well in the planning, but Bro Jalimao wanted to ensure no one missed out, and extended to all his hospitality of a no charge banquet, which a member of the lodge offered to bare that cost of, and the lodge and WM-E agreed, wanting as many to attend that could so that Freemasonry and fellowship could be celebrated.

The Installation

W Bro Matthew Wilson opened the Lodge and welcomed Visitors and Fraternals, he then invited RW Bro Ferdinard Pandes, the Immediate Past Regional Grand Councillor of Region 2 and Installing Master this evening to assume the Chair.

An alarm sounded, the Grand Director of Ceremonies VW Bro Jay Tayag AGDC, entered the Lodge and announced that the Deputy Grand Master accompanied by a large Grand Lodge Delegation were in attendance about to enter the Lodge, the Grand Lodge Delegation having been received and the Deputy Grand Master returning the Gavel to RW Bro Pandes, the ceremony could begin.

RW Bro Pandes preformed the installation ceremony with honour and solemnity to a packed and newly renovated Lodge room. Brethren from all points of the Masonic compass filled all positions during the ceremony in support of Bro Jalimao.

Following the ceremony, the lodge was closed and history made when Ladies and guests were invited into the Lodge to witness a very rare sight, the investiture of the Lodge officers for the ensuing year, and the three final addresses which were delivered by

Address to the Master W Bro Arnel Pinili of Lodge Alpha no. 970,

Address to the Wardens W Bro Matthew Wilson of Lodge Macquarie no. 53

Finally, the Deputy Grand Master RW Bro Khris Albano delivered the Address to the brethren.

Following the installation ceremony, all retired to the local RSL club where 230 dinned and celebrated the installation of now W Bro Ivan Jalimao.

Visiting brethren came from Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Central West, Wollongong, Melbourne, Canberra and Philippines. 

The Final toast, proposed by the new Junior Warden, Bro Robert Dickerson was –


“The Mason feels the noble truth, the Scottish peasant told, that rank is

but a guinea stamp, the man himself the gold.

With us, the rich and poor unite and the equal rights remain.

Dear Brethren of the Mystic tie, the night is waning fast, our work is

done, our feasts is over this toasts must be our last.

Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again”




W Bro Ivan Jalimao reflecting on the event “The evening was so magnificent, that it feels surreal, on behalf of Lodge Macquarie, Thankyou!

Photos courtesy of RW Bro Romy Neito


















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