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Image 1 for Lodge Novacastria 765 Strengthens Bonds with a Lodge Weekend Getaway

Lodge Novacastria 765 Strengthens Bonds with a Lodge Weekend Getaway

24 October 23

In Forster, New South Wales the members of Lodge Novacastria 765 recently transformed their regular October social dining night into a Lodge weekend family getaway. Led by Worshipful Master (WM) Joseph Balasabas, this initiative was undertaken with the dual purpose of encouraging more brethren and their families to partake in the masonic experience and fostering stronger connections with other lodges, both within and beyond their district.

The trip included an important masonic duty: conferring the Second Degree upon a candidate at Foster Great Lakes United 994. A journey that combined fraternity, relaxation, and an earnest commitment to the principles of Freemasonry, the weekend excursion left an lasting mark on all those in attendance.

The brethren, with their families, arrived at Forster on a sunny Friday afternoon, setting the stage for an enriching weekend ahead. Saturday morning kicked off with a picnic at a local park, where an open day was organized to promote Freemasonry to the residents of Forster-Tuncurry. This community outreach event aimed to shed light on the values and traditions of the craft and the positive impact it has on both individuals and society.

Saturday evening brought the highlight of the weekend - a combined lodge meeting. Worshipful Master of Forster Great Lakes United 994 opened the proceedings, welcoming visitors from various lodges, including six Fellowcrafts from different lodges, and VW Bro Tony Spouse, the District Grand Inspector of Workings (DGIW) of District 13.

A significant moment of the evening was when the chair of the King Solomon (KS) was handed over to the Worshipful Master of Lodge Novacastria 765 to conduct the Degree work. The candidate underwent a profound masonic experience as the brethren executed the ritual with precision and reverence. As the ceremony concluded, the lodge was closed in a manner that echoed with the solemnity of tradition.

However, the spirit of fellowship and brotherhood extended beyond the Masonic hall. After the formal proceedings, the brethren and their families convened at Club Forster for a delightful gathering, providing an opportunity for everyone to unwind and strengthen their bonds.

The weekend getaway was not just about the ritualistic aspect of Freemasonry; it was also about fellowship. Throughout the course of the weekend, countless stories were shared, friendships were solidified, and a sense of unity prevailed.

This collaborative meeting with Forster Great Lakes United 994 marked Lodge Novacastria 765's fourth meeting for the month of October. The masonic journey commenced with their regular stated meeting on the 4th of October, featuring an initiation ceremony. This was followed by two combined meetings, one with Lodge Cessnock No 252 and another with Lodge Weston Kurri-Kurri No 253, both of which were centred around the solemn Raising ceremony.

This Lodge weekend getaway not only strengthened the bonds within Lodge Novacastria 765 but also extended a hand of friendship to other lodges. The event underscored the timeless principles of Freemasonry - unity, fellowship, and the unwavering commitment to the betterment of self and society. A weekend that commenced with a simple gesture evolved into an enduring reminder of the unbreakable ties that bind Freemasons together.


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