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Image 1 for Lodge Thespian 115th Installation: The Show Must Go On

Lodge Thespian 115th Installation: The Show Must Go On

07 November 23

Lodge Thespian celebrated their 115th installation with W Bro Amadeus Hertel being installed into the chair of King Solomon, it was a great and relieving day as the lodge had (prior to that) on rotation acting WMs for 8 months. The lodge known for it’s excellent ritual and enjoyable entertainment had a day of rejoicing.

The entire installation ran very smoothly under the direction of the Installing Master Kevin Christmas right from opening to closing. There is a bit of history here as Kevin has participated in my masonic career, from participating in my 3rd degree raising to seeing myself progress and being training in various officer roles. My sponsors: RW Bro Lord John Couper and W Bro Toni Hertel, made it that extra special for me. I really wanted my father to participate in my installation and I am grateful that he was there to be part of it. 

Further to that, the lodge had two fraternals; One from Lodge Bankstown Daylight and the other Lodge Antiquity, of which I had actively participated and or visited regularly prior to my installation. There were a large number of brethren that attended, whom ive known fore many for many years.

The Grand Masters Representative, RW Bro Len Jenkins was accompanied with a superb retinue of Grand Lodge officers which included our past Grand Master, MW Bro Jamie Melville.

One particular brother performed a special song for his musical interlude, one that was many years in the making. The Senior Deacon, Bro James Ray Younan performed a piano instrumental version of Falco’s 80s hit song - Rock Me Amadeus. This song really moved me and I was thrilled to see it finally being fulfilled, even giving a short back story on the song and request. It was that good that my father asked to have it played again in the south so my mother can hear it.

Like the years before, EVERY office has been filled. I would say less than half are worshipful brothers and it is enlightening to see a full team of officers. I look forward to seeing all of them prosper in their masonic careers and not only to be there to support them but also to the rest of my lodge.

Once the installation meeting was complete, most of the brethren who attended went down to the south at the Petersham RSL with their partners (mine included) and took the celebrations further there. The food was great, the three performers provided excellent entertainment (Bro James Ray Younan - Music, Bro Bruce Hathcock - Music and Bro Aidan Bannister - Magic show) and the overall speeches were fantastic.

During the banquet My father presented me with my custom made gavel, one that the both of us worked together on - A 3D printed, Mandalorian Darksaber Gavel. This was made because I have strong love for Star Wars and I am a cosplayer in my spare time.


Overall this, to date, is one of the best days I’ve had in both my personal life and Masonic career. Being one of the youngest WMs out there (27), I can say that it is a very rewarding experience and I understand it will also bring it’s challenges over the next 12 months. If I can give one advice to those incoming masters: Don’t fret and enjoy what is to come. Organisation, communication and being humble are the 3 (what I see) are key pillars to being a good worshipful master.

As we Mandalorian’s say, “This is the way”.

Worshipful Master,

W Bro Amadeus Hertel


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