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Image 1 for Lodge Wahroonga No 674

Lodge Wahroonga No 674

10 January 24

Relationships come to the fore

In some ways, it was just another Past Masters’ Night. Yet it was an exceptional night.

At its August meeting, Lodge Wahroonga passed Bros Josiah and Daniel Chapman to the Fellowcraft degree. The candidates are sons of W Bro Robert Chapman, so the Worshipful Master W Bro Damien Ackland invited their father to occupy the Chair and conduct what was an emotional ceremony.

In the lodge room and at the south the Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Khris Albano, emphasised the role of relationships in Freemasonry. He spoke of the relationships between lodges and highlighted the frater­nals from lodges Harold Herman Unity and Kuringai that had added to the evening’s significance. He emphasised the value of relationships between individual brethren and of course, dwelt on the Chapman brothers and their father. At the South, the Deputy Grand Master mentioned the relationships created by service to the Craft and concluded his talk by addressing each of the ladies and thanking them for their support of their partners and of Lodge Wahroonga

L–R: W Bro Robert Chapman, Deputy Grand Master, Bro Daniel and Bro Josiah Chapman, VW Bro Peter Goodridge DGIW D23


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