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Novacastria stays social

26 September 23

The original Lodge Novacastria 765 was formed in 1949 and brethren met at the Sedgewick Hall, Newcastle West until the charter was surrendered in 1985

A group of masons with an interest in motorcycling met and decided to form a lodge for motorcycle enthusiasts and to meet at Wallsend Newcastle NSW. It was decided to apply for the re-issue of the surren­dered Lodge Novacastria 765 Charter, the application was granted and the Grand Master MW Bro Dr Gregory Levenston re-consecrated Lodge Novacastria 765 on 24th July 2010.

They met at the Wallsend Masonic Centre, on the 1st Wednesday of the month on odd months and have a social dining night on the even months.Lodge Novacastria was re-formed with the aim of creating a Freemasons Lodge where brethren and their partners and family can meet, greet, eat together and enjoy each other’s company in a more social and relaxed atmosphere whilst still bearing in mind the usual masonic traditions.

It is important as it aims to enhance and strengthen our social values and develop that brotherhood and friendship outside the traditional Masonic Lodge settings.

Lodge Novacastria brethren are very identifiable in their summer dress which is the usual masonic dress with a leather vest and a sew-on lodge patch which is encompassed by a bright red border,  with a bright yellow square and compass held by the front end of a motorcycle.

You don’t have to ride or even have a motorcycle to be a part of this lodge, you only have to enjoy your masonry and being social. Recently the lodge celebrated its 12th Installation meeting since regaining their charter in the presence of the Grand Master, MW Bro Lesley Hicks. There were well over 200 brethren, family and friends in attend­ance to celebrate the Installation of Bro Joseph Balasabas at a gathering which showed that Freemasonry in the Hunter Valley and across our jurisdiction is most definitely alive and well.


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