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A mason in China

16 July 2024

Travels in China By Bro Alex Manu From the late 1960s to early 1980s I knew little of mainland China, but when ...

What is ANZMRC?

15 July 2024

A short history of ANZMRC By RW Bro Kim Nielsen The ANZMRC (established 1991) brings together the Masonic Research Lodges and Study ...

Grand Lodge goes to Victoria

14 July 2024

‘Hands Across the Border’ (HATB) is an annual meeting between brethren from NSW & ACT and Victoria. By RW Bro Khris ...

Lodge Army Navy’s centenary

13 July 2024

Remarkable to the nation At Lodge Army Navy’s centenary meeting former Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove said ‘What freemasonry does is natural ...

Interview with a mason

12 July 2024

An interview with Bro Tim Bocquet Freemason chats with young masons about their stories. What year did you become a Freemason, and ...

Farewell to a brother

08 July 2024

Vale MW Bro Ronald Johnson On Monday 3 June, our 30th Grand Master, MW Bro Ronald Lewis Hale Johnson Member of ...

What’s the difference?

08 July 2024

How is a Grand  Installation different? With the upcoming Grand Installation in September, the above question was recently asked of one ...

Pipe dreams

08 July 2024

At their initiation, brethren are exhorted in the Final Charge to study the liberal arts and sciences, one of which ...

Nowra Freemasons' Installation Banquet Raises $3280 for Local Causes

28 June 2024

Lodge Nowra Unity No. 60 recently celebrated its Re-Installation Ceremony and Banquet, marking VW Bro David Baker PDGIW's continuation as ...


27 June 2024

It’s no secret It’s hard to determine whether a book can demolish the myths of ages and at the same time ...

Hiram Abif and King Solomon’s Temple

26 June 2024

The Jerusalem ‘Ram’s Horn’ of sometime in BC 1014 trumpeted the headline ‘Solomon Imports Architect from Tyre’. Even in those days ...

The apron: a garment for all seasons

25 June 2024

Following the success of the article ‘It’s no secret – Grannies Wear Aprons Too’ published in the Autumn 2010 issue ...


24 June 2024

Roll-A-Door: The garage gift Arthur Byrne was the founder of B & D Roll-A-Door and the man who brought easy-opening garage ...

The Legacy of Sydney Town Hall: From Grand Installations to Modern Day

20 June 2024

The Sydney Town Hall has a long and rich history with many tales to tell! Built on the site of an ...

Freemasonry in Australia

18 June 2024

Colonial Foundations - By RW Bro Ted Simmons The history of Freemasonry in Australia, when it started and where has been ...

The beehive

17 June 2024

The beehive is another masonic symbol common in United States Freemasonry, but almost unheard of in emulation style working. Although ...

The broken column

13 June 2024

Masonic Widows By Yvonne McIntyre PhD ‘His work was not done, yet his column is broken;  Mourn ye and weep, for ...

Exercise when you’re older

12 June 2024

What an interesting and intriguing topic for an organization with such a top-heavy and ageing demographic. It deserves to be ...

The Eternal Debate: Quantity vs. Quality in Freemasonry

10 June 2024

Why do we often find ourselves questioning the value of what we join or commit to? This thought-provoking question leads ...

The Logo of Freemasonry

07 June 2024

The Square and Compasses Middle-aged and elderly adults all remember how important their set-square and compasses were as geometrical instruments in ...


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