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Image 1 for A New Chapter Unfolds for Leichhardt Lodge No 133

A New Chapter Unfolds for Leichhardt Lodge No 133

25 September 23

New Worshipful Master Installed in a Ceremony Marked by Excellence and Grandeur

On Wednesday 20th September, Leichhardt Lodge No 133 welcomed a new Worshipful Master, Bro Anthony Jabbour, in a ceremony that can only be described as remarkable.

Worshipful Bro Jano Toussounian, who had led the lodge through the last four years, had the honour of being the Installing Master. His tenure was marked by resilience and leadership, particularly during the challenging times everyone has faced in 2020 and 2021.

Before the main event started, the lodge had another reason to celebrate. A successful ballot approved the application of Mr Simon, setting the stage for his Initiation at the lodge's October meeting.

The ceremony moved on to its central focus: the Installation. Sponsors RW Bro Michael Abdennour and RW Bro Ian Hogan, who had also been Bro Jabbour's sponsors into Freemasonry, presented him to Worshipful Bro Toussounian for the Installation.

Then, a momentous occasion unfolded. The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT, MW Bro Lesley N. Hicks, entered the lodge with an impressive and rarely-seen 'Royal Flush' of Grand Officers, which included the Deputy Grand Master, Assistant Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, and Junior Grand Warden. There were of course many other Present & Past Grand Officers in the delegation.

Worshipful Bro Toussounian, a member of the Grand Lodge ceremonial team, was expected to conduct the ceremony flawlessly. He didn't disappoint. Time seemed to fly by due to his impeccable execution of the Installation.

The newly installed Worshipful Brother Jabbour also demonstrated excellence, notably in closing the degrees and in the investment of his officers for the upcoming year.

Two Master Masons of Leichhardt Lodge, who were delivering charges for the first time, put aside their nerves and performed brilliantly, adding to the overall perfection of the event.

The ceremony concluded with the three addresses. RW Bro Darren Allatt to the Master, RW Bro Garry Sayer PAGM to the Wardens, and The Grand Master himself, the Address to the Brethren. The words of which focused on his theme of Humility, Kindness, and Generosity.




The Grand Master then presented the Installed Master's certificate to W Bro Jabbour.








W Bro Toussounian received his Past Master's Jewel from the District Grand Inspector. In a special moment,











RW Bro Michael Abdennour was recently elevated to Past Junior Grand Warden at the Grand Communication, receiving his certificate of conferral from The Grand Master.









The ceremony closed, but the celebrations didn’t end. All gathered at the Installation Banquet for more fellowship before making their way home safely.

Leichhardt Lodge No 133 meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.15pm at Concord West Masonic Centre located at 315 Concord Rd, Concord West. 


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