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The Grand Master

The Grand Master is the elected head of The United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT. 

Lesley N. Hicks


MW Bro Lesley N. Hicks was Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge Paxton No 608 in 1993, completing his Second and Third Degrees, in the same year. 

Moving from the Hunter Valley to Tweed Heads he affiliated with Lodge Dawn No 511 serving as Worshipful Master of this lodge in 2003, 2004 and 2008. He had further experience as the Master’s chair of Twin Towns Daylight 436 in 2018.

In 2011 Les Hicks was elected DGIW of what was then District 55, and appointed RGC for Region 1 in 2013, a position he held for two terms before joining the Board of Management. 

The Deputy and Assistant Grand Master are appointed by The Grand Master to his endeavours.

B. Khris Albano

B. Khris Albano was Initiated into Freemasonry at Dalisay Lodge 14 (Grand Lodge of the Philippines) in August 2002, completing his journey to Worshipful Master in 2007–08. He was appointed as District Grand Lecturer in 2010.

After relocating to Australia, he affiliated with Lodge Jose Rizal 1045 in 2011, serving as Preceptor for exemplification teams demonstrating the three degrees in various international jurisdictions. He later became the Foundation Worshipful Master of Elysian Lodge 418 for the 2018–19 term.

Khris joined the Ceremonial Team in 2012, advancing through roles until he reached the position of Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2019.

Paul K. Schultz

Initiated into Lodge Blacktown Kildare 393 in November 1990, Paul K. Schultz progressed through his Second Degree in March 1991 and was Raised in June 1991, ultimately being Installed into the Chair of King Solomon in 1996.

Invited by his friend and mentor RW Bro Ray Chaffer PDGM to assist in ritual demonstrations at Lodges of Instruction, this initial engagement ignited a long-term commitment to help brethren execute ceremonies with accuracy and meaning.

Paul believes strongly in the power of Freemasonry's ritualistic allegories, emphasising that their effective delivery can greatly aid in understanding the symbolic messages inherent in them


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