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Image 1 for Decades together on the square

Decades together on the square

15 December 23

Warragamba 541

At Lodge Warragamba’s meeting on 21 July, RW Bro Bruce Quirk was presented with his 50-year jewel and certificate. The Worshipful Master delegated the honour of presenting the medal to RW Bro Victor Brangwin of the Queen's Lodge, who was actually the Worshipful Master who initiated Bruce into Lodge Warragamba all those years ago.

RW Bro Brangwin was joined by RW Bro John Gordon, also of Lodge Warragamba, who has been with Bruce through his entire masonic career. The three have remained close friends over the decades both inside and outside of the Lodge, and they all shared tales from old times with the assembled brethren.

The tables were turned at the following meeting in August when RW Bro Quirk was invited by the WM to present RW Bro John Gordon with his 60-year jewel and certifi­cate. John was initiated at Lodge West Epping, moving afterwards to Lodge Wahroonga in 1966, before settling at Lodge Warragamba in 1974, where he served as Secretary for 27 years. RW Bro Gordon was congratulated by acclamation.

Congratulations, Bruce and John!

L–R: RW Bro John Gordon, RW Bro Bruce Quirk, W Bro Stephen Hardy (WM)


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