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Image 1 for Father-in-law's Honourable Role in Son-in-law's Achievement

Father-in-law's Honourable Role in Son-in-law's Achievement

04 December 23

Achieving the degree of Master Mason marks an incredible journey within Freemasonry. Every Master Mason cherishes the vibrant memories of this occasion. This degree represents a culmination of dedication, understanding, and leadership, garnered through traversing the teachings within the lodge. It symbolizes the commendable growth, both personal and within the fraternity, portraying the respect earned and the commitment to self-improvement.

In a recent meeting at Deniliquin St John's Lodge No. 16, Bro Boon Jardinco was presented with his Master Masons certificate, an immensely significant milestone in his Masonic journey. What made this occasion even more special was the privilege bestowed upon his Father-in-law, VW Bro Romeo Labadan, a past District Grand Lecturer from Lake Pinamaloy Lodge No. 230 under the Grand Lodge of Philippines, to present the certificate on behalf of the Lodge during his visit to Australia.

The meeting was held in the beautiful town of Deniliquin in New South Wales, and brought together visitors from Cobram Victoria, Jerilderie, Balranald, Moulamein, and beyond. The warm and festive gathering following the meeting further amplified the joyous celebration, uniting members and visitors in shared camaraderie. Such occasions not only signify personal achievements but also strengthen the bonds within the Masonic community, fostering a spirit of unity and celebration.


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