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It’s Lodge Tonight

05 January 24

It’s Lodge Tonight

By: RW Bro John R Cooper 


It’s Lodge tonight, and I’ll be there,

To meet with my brethren, companionship to share,

I have been a member for sixty-six years plus,

And meetings are still held without too much fuss.


My dinner suit is out, and laid on the bed,

Also the white shirt to put on after I’m fed,

Black shoes have been polished, oh, how they shine,

I try to look good for this Lodge of mine.


The small black case which holds my lodge apron,

It’s a bit the worse for wear, although not misshapen,

Like the lambskin apron inside the case,

It too shows its wear, a bit like my face.


And as I get myself ready, all showered and shaved,

I run through the ritual over which I have slaved,

For tonight a ’Charge’ I have been asked to give,

Words of wisdom to a new candidate, words that I will not outlive. 


You see, the lessons that one learns in lodge,

Are all set down in the ritual, all organised, not hodgepodge,

Lessons that have taught me how to live life,

Lessons that have taught me not to get into strife.


I have heard it said that Masonry is a ‘Secret Society’,

Let  me assure you it’s not, it is a fraternity of propriety,

The only secrets are those of recognition,

And those can be found on the internet, freely given.


 It’s buildings are there to see, clearly in view,

Ask and you will be shown through, for you to review,

We have nothing to hide, its all above board,

Despite the false rumours you may have heard.


Our work for charity, is not very well known,

But if you ask you will very quickly be shown,

The list of donations we have made,

To charitable causes, thousands of dollars we have paid.


For over three hundred years Freemasonry has survived,

A system of morality it has devised,

A way to live life, and to do your best,

A system that over time has stood the test.


And so it is nearly time to go,

A mate will pick me up, a fellow I know,

Whom I met at Lodge many years ago,

Reliable as the morning sun, never a ‘no show’.


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