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Image 1 for Joe Xuereb’s Raising: A Journey Through Masonic Heritage

Joe Xuereb’s Raising: A Journey Through Masonic Heritage

10 February 24

Recently in Gloucester, the closest town to World Heritage Barrington Tops, a significant event unfolded at Lodge Gloucester No. 291, marking a pivotal moment in the Masonic journey of Brother Joe Xuereb. The lodge was graced by the presence of the Deputy Grand Master, a distinguished delegation from the Grand Lodge, and a gathering of visiting and local brethren.

The ceremony was exceptional, with the Deputy Grand Master, honouring a previous commitment, leading the Raising ceremony of Brother Xuereb to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. This ceremony was not just a formality but a symbol of Brother Xuereb's deep-rooted connection to Freemasonry, tracing back to his Maltese ancestry.

Joe's Masonic path began in 2022, sparked by a simple Facebook inquiry about joining Freemasonry in the Gloucester area. His initiation occurred in Lodge Gloucester, followed by his Passing to the Second Degree at Lodge Cowper No. 295 in Wingham. However, the true essence of Joe's Masonic pursuit is intertwined with his heritage.

In Malta, Joe’s grandfather was a member of the Knights Templar and a Knight of Malta. Joe aspired to follow in his footsteps, a dream set into motion by W Bro Dirk Moller, the Master of Lodge Gloucester. The lineage traces back to the early 1300s in France, where an ancestor of Joe, a Knight Templar named Bereux, fled persecution by inverting his name to Xuereb and seeking refuge in Malta.

The ceremony was followed by a Feast in the South, masterfully prepared by the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Rob Sterling, a chef by profession and assisted by his daughter Amanda. The banquet was a communal affair, with contributions from family members and friends, reflecting the spirit of Masonic fellowship.

During the celebrations at dinner, W Bro Lee Reilly was presented with a beautifully crafted timber memento by W Bro Dirk Moller the Worshipful Master, in recognition of his service to the Lodge for over 20 years, W Bro Reilly is relocating to North Richmond and takes with him many fond memories shared with Lodge Gloucester through the years.

In a symbolic gesture, the Deputy Grand Master was presented with the gavel he used during the ceremony, a piece skilfully crafted by W Bro Dirk Moller from century-old, reclaimed timber. The event was a celebration of Joe's ascent in Freemasonry and an exemplification of the values and history that the fraternity holds dear.

The Worshipful Master was then presented with his District Service Award and Jewel, which he was awarded with at the last Quarterly Grand Communication.

The weekend culminated in breakfast with the Deputy Grand Master and brethren, wrapping up a memorable experience in the serene ambience of Gloucester.

Story supplied by W Bro Ian Shaw - Lodge Gloucester


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