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Image 1 for Lodge Lake Macquarie’s Unwavering Commitment to Charitable Causes

Lodge Lake Macquarie’s Unwavering Commitment to Charitable Causes

02 April 24

Freemasons Lake Macquarie – In a remarkable display of community spirit and generosity, the Brethren of Lodge Lake Macquarie No. 243 undertook a series of fundraising initiatives in 2023, significantly impacting the lives of many.

The primary focus of their efforts was a fundraising campaign for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), driven by the personal impact of the disease on several of their members. Spearheading this campaign was RW Bro Gary Herrett, an ambassador for the foundation, who provided crucial insights into the challenges faced by those battling prostate cancer, in excess of 24,000 men are diagnosed every year in Australia alone.

Through various events and activities, the brethren successfully raised a substantial amount of funds. These funds were earmarked for a specific purpose – to support the employment of two specialist nurses at the Mater Hospital, funded by the PCFA, to provide essential support to prostate cancer patients.

In recognition of their extraordinary efforts, the brethren received additional support from Masonicare in the form of the InterACTION grant. This grant played a pivotal role in amplifying the funds raised, further enhancing the impact of their contribution to the cause.

But the brethren’s charitable endeavours didn't stop there. In a separate initiative, they organized a Christmas Appeal, collecting non-perishable food items and other essential goods. These items were donated to Nova Women and Children, a local service dedicated to assisting the homeless and those affected by domestic violence.

The results of the Christmas Appeal were outstanding, resulting in a significant donation that was warmly received by the beneficiaries. Nova Women and Children publicly expressed their gratitude on their Facebook page, highlighting the importance of such donations, especially in the context of the current economic climate and the ongoing needs of families post-Christmas.

The actions of the brethren of Lodge Lake Macquarie No. 243 in 2023 exemplify the profound impact that dedicated community groups can have. Their commitment to supporting those in need and their successful fundraising initiatives have not only provided vital resources to those affected by prostate cancer and domestic violence but have also set a benchmark for community-driven charity by the local Freemasons of Lake Macquarie.



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