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Lodge of the sky!

07 December 23

Do you want to take your Masonry to new heights? If yes, then this is the idea for you!

VW Brother Clive Lipscombe (PDGIW) is an avid aviator exploring the prospect of bringing masons and local communities together with a new lodge. Brother Lipscombe has been a mason for more than 50 years and has over 35 years of experience flying helicop­ters, with significant time in Adelaide and Newcastle. It is with this passion for flight that he wants to bring together brethren interested in aviation.

Although only an idea at present; the bimonthly lodge would travel across NSW and attract members across the jurisdiction. Members could fly in/fly out across NSW and the ACT, assist in carrying out degree work and extend the hand of friendship both within the lodge and in the general community. However, a member would not need to fly – all that is required is an interest in aviation! Any mason interested in, or is involved in aviation, perhaps as a hobby, model making, or plane spotting – would all be welcome to join. What unites each member would be a passion for avia­tion. Notably, this lodge would not replace a monthly, or mother lodge, rather it is an additional experience within Masonry – one of friendship, brotherly love, and a love for the skies!

Lastly, this lodge would also connect with the community. In addition to Masonic meetings, the lodge would hold barbeques, open nights, and events to connect with the wider aviation community. Not only will this provide members with a wide range of aviation experiences and connections, but it will also connect Masonry to the larger community. So, if this sounds like fun, and you have a passion for the skies, then register your interest with VW Bro Clive Lipscombe.

Clive is eager to hear from you! Send him an email or telephone him.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0418 680 753.


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