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Image 1 for Mobile Mason muster

Mobile Mason muster

18 December 23

Mobile Masons gathered at Gulargambone Caravan Park for a mid-year rally, which included visiting Australia’s first com­mercially registered regional airport.

This group photo was taken prior to departure for the inaugural running of the Winging it down the Castlereagh Air Show. The event was organised by the Arthur Butler Aviation Museum at Tooraweenah. It recreated the romance and adventure of air travel from a bygone era and promoted arguably our most historical regional airport.

Aviators returned to pre-1948 flying days when there were none of the modern aids pilots enjoy today, relying only on landmark navigation and dead-reckoning techniques.

Participating aircraft flew over the communities of Binnaway, Mendooran, Gilgandra and Gulargambone before returning to Tooraweenah.

Visitors came together at the aero­drome in a village fair atmosphere, adding greatly to the day’s entertainment.

Everyone was able to get up close and personal with the planes and pilots while enjoying local hospitality and food.

The Mobile Masons are Freemasons and their partners from all over NSW and the ACT who travel to a new destination in Australia each year. When there, they spend around $40,000 to help the local economy and they raise money for a local charity.


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