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Image 1 for Rocking for Charity - Lodge Blacktown Kildare's #CharityGig2

Rocking for Charity - Lodge Blacktown Kildare's #CharityGig2

23 January 24

Imagine a Masonic hall echoing not with solemn ritual, but with the vibrant pulse of a rock and roll gig!

The Blacktown Masonic Centre, traditionally a haven of structured Masonic rituals and formality, braced for an unusual transformation. Here, the reverberating sound of guitars and the energy of rock music were set to replace the customary solemnity, introducing a new rhythm to this venerable space.

Lodge Blacktown Kildare sought to extend its reach beyond the usual confines of a formal lodge meeting. The goal was ambitious: to blend the values of Freemasonry with the universal allure of rock music, thus creating an event that would resonate across not just the immediate masonic fraternity but the wider family and friends of the local community.

Stepping into this new arena, Lodge Blacktown Kildare 393 faced a formidable task. Their mission was to take a space synonymous with reflection and decorum into a vibrant hub of musical celebration, uniting the Masonic family with the broader community in a harmonious act of charity

Embodying the spirit of a rock star, Worshipful Brother Jay Tayag played the pivotal role of rallying the troops, ensuring a full house for the event. Like any 'lead guitarist', Jay's charismatic 'round-up' was crucial to turning the night into an electric triumph.

The event crescendoed into a success story with every ticket sold marking a victory for community and charity. Supported by many lodges of the wider Masonic community brought the night to life. A 180-strong crowd of Brethren, their family and friends singing along to every favourite song. This unity showed that a celebration can take on many formats, whether it's the vibrancy of a Gig or the solemnity of a formal lodge meeting.

This feat, however, was not a solo performance. A chorus of sponsors played a vital role behind the scenes. Each sponsor's contribution ensured success, whether it was the infrastructure of the concert or the open buffet and bar fully setting the stage for this grand Masonic rock saga.

The true measure of this concert lay in the tangible results: With all costs covered by the sponsors, this meant from the 180 tickets sold at $75 each, over $13,000 was raised for charity. This monumental achievement underscored the impact of Lodge Blacktown Kildare, the Sponsors, participating Lodges and the wider friends and family of the Blacktown Masonic community.

The triumph of #CharityGig2 is just the opening note for Lodge Blacktown Kildare's exciting year. With a lineup including the Grand Masters Golf Cup, Installation ceremony, a communal Bike Ride, and a spirited Darts tournament, the lodge is set for a year rich in masonic spirit and community engagement.

This dynamic calendar not only reflects the lodge's commitment to Masonic values but also its dedication to bringing members and their families together in a spirit of fun and unity. For Blacktown Kildare, the journey through 2024 is as vibrant and promising as the start.

Sponsored by:

  • SnC Print & Signs 
  • iKlean Services
  • Upstream
  • QFirst Property Investment Group
  • Bro Leomar Bantilan
  • KL Disability & Health Services
  • TLC Nursing Agency
  • On D’Cue
  • “A Brother”
  • Lodge Education
  • SC Services 
  • Albano Migration
  • DeMolay 

Supporting Lodges

  • Lodge Education No. 184
  • Elysian Lodge No. 418
  • Lodge Celebration of Fairfield No. 345 
  • Lodge Honour No. 1054
  • Lodge Jose Rizal No. 1045
  • The United Lodge of Sydney No. 11
  • Lodge West Epping No. 390
  • The Hawkesbury Heritage Lodge No. 150 
  • Lodge Horizons No. 1032
  • Lodge Merrylands No. 479
  • Parramatta City Daylight Lodge No. 1014
  • Lodge Alpha No. 970


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