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Image 1 for The Gray Legacy: Five Generations of Freemasonry in NSW

The Gray Legacy: Five Generations of Freemasonry in NSW

06 March 24

The story of the Weston-Kurri Kurri Lodge begins with a significant event: the Initiation of Brother Hayden Gray during the February meeting in 2024. This event marked a continuation of a proud tradition, as Hayden represented the fifth generation of Freemasons in the old Northern Coalfields area of NSW.

Hayden was sponsored into freemasonry by his grandfather, VW Bro Alan Gray, and his father, W Bro Michael Gray on the evening of his initiation sadly, his maternal grandfather, W Bro Graeme Limn (Lodge Weston-Kurri Kurri), could not attend due to serious illness.

The roots of Freemasonry in the Gray family trace back to Hayden’s great-great-grandfather, W Bro Archibald Gray (1858-1940), a member of the St Andrews West Wallsend Lodge. Additionally, both of Hayden’s paternal great-grandfathers were Freemasons: Bro Archibald James Gray (Lodge Kurri St George) and Bro James “Skeeta” Wilkinson (Lodge Weston). These two lodges eventually merged to form the current Lodge Weston-Kurri.

Professionally, Hayden is a Senior Executive Officer at Newcastle University. His grandfather Alan, a Freemason for over 70 years, played a significant role in his upbringing. Hayden spent much of his youth assisting Alan in maintaining and setting up the Lodge rooms for meetings and functions.

Worshipful Master Ray Leggett commented on Hayden's initiation, praising his intelligence and commitment. He expressed confidence that Hayden would uphold the Masonic values of family and community service, bringing a new energy to the Lodge.

The initiation ceremony was a grand affair, attracting brethren from regions as distant as the Upper Hunter and Central Coast. It was not just a celebration of Hayden's entry into the Lodge but also a testament to the enduring legacy and community spirit of Freemasonry.

A footnote from WM Ray Leggett provides a glimpse into the wider influence of the Gray family. He shared an anecdote about “Skeeta” Wilkinson, “Hayden's great-grandfather, a renowned football player both in the Northern Coalfields and on the national stage. Wilkinson's football career, spanning 24 seasons with 574 first-class games, earned him a place in the Hunter Region Sporting and Australian Soccer Halls of Fame. His legacy extends beyond Masonry, illustrating the diverse talents and contributions of Lodge members”.



Bro Grey with his Father (L) and His Grandfather (R) at his initiation.





Bro Grey receives his welcome pack from the DGIW VW Bro Darryl Wade.





Bro Grey confidently responds to the toast to the newly initiated brother.







A Family linage of Freemasons


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