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The Mark Man Ceremony: A Symbol of Personal Growth and Tradition

26 February 24

Recently, a notable event unfolded at Lodge Elysian. An Emergent Meeting was convened to identify and honour six candidates with the Mark Man Ceremony.

This gathering, significant in Masonic tradition, attracted visitors from neighbouring districts and a fraternal delegation from Lodge Sir Walter Scott, all keen to witness this exemplary conferral.

The Mark Man Ceremony is a unique facet of Masonic ritual practised both in Craft Freemasonry and Mark & Royal Arch Masonry, although administered by separate bodies that have a shared member base. The United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT governs the Craft the foundation for all Freemasonry, while The United Supreme Grand Chapter of NSW & ACT governs Mark & Royal Arch Masonry for those Master Masons who see further enlightenment.

The ceremony was led by VW Bro Jay Tayag, acting as the Worshipful Master. The event was further dignified by the participation of the Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Khris Albano and the presence of the Assistant Grand Master, RW Bro Paul Schultz. This memorable evening marked a significant milestone in the Masonic journey of the new Mark Men: Bro Peter Jones, Bro Wael Merhi, Bro QasHanna, Bro Paul Viesca, Owen Guarin, and Bro Junn Miranda.

The Emergent Meeting at Lodge Elysian was a profound demonstration of Masonic tradition and brotherhood. The conferral of the Mark Man Ceremony on these six deserving candidates was a moment of pride and celebration, signifying their continued growth and commitment within Freemasonry.


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