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Image 1 for  West Wyalong Masonic Centre Damaged

West Wyalong Masonic Centre Damaged

19 December 23

A fierce windstorm swept through the Bland Shire recently, leaving a wake of damage that included the historic West Wyalong Masonic Centre. The 100-year-old building, a landmark in the small town, suffered a ripped roof, a collapsed chimney, and cracks in its walls. The damage came on the same evening as the December Grand Communication in Dubbo, only 250 kilometres away.

But even faced with this unexpected blow, the spirit of the local Masons remains undimmed. Led by their quick-thinking secretary, the community sprang into action, clearing away debris, securing the exposed roof with a temporary tarpaulin, and began seeking alternative meeting spaces.

While finding a new temporary presents some logistical challenges, they are taking it in their stride. Their adaptability is a cornerstone of their brotherhood, and they've already lined up the Temora Masonic Hall as a potential meeting space for their Installation meeting in March.

The road to restoring the historic Centre will be long and expensive. Lodge Bland is preparing to launch a fundraising campaign to gather the necessary resources, knowing that their community will stand behind them. This unfortunate event has become an opportunity for the Masons to showcase their resilience and unwavering commitment to the principles of fraternity, unity, and benevolence.

Despite the damage to their brick-and-mortar home, the true spirit of Freemasonry in the Bland Shire remains unshaken. Their dedication to serving the community, to charity and to goodwill, continues unabated. The wind may have buffeted their walls, but the bond of brotherhood that holds them together is stronger than ever. As they navigate this temporary setback, the Masons of the Bland Shire know that they will emerge even stronger, a beacon of hope and resilience in their small town.



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