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Image 1 for Would you like a pint of Masonry?

Would you like a pint of Masonry?

02 January 24

By W Bro Dr Max Katz-Barber

Would you like a pint of Masonry?

Recently the United Grand Lodge of England welcomed Lodge Horus 3155, where brethren’s passion for ale and social activity lead to a fully-fledged masonic beer lodge. Given this unique Lodge and tasty membership option, we thought we should wet our whistle and find out more.

This Lodge is described as ‘creating a door that is already open’, or in other words, given Freemasons enjoy a drink together before and after a meeting, the culture is already there. The Lodge pro­vides structure, guidance, and education, along with fraternal good cheer! In such a lodge, concepts such as ‘gaining purity through process’, similar to smoothing out an ashlar, are employed. These lodges can also apply the lessons of the second degree to brewing; for like brewing where chemistry and biology collide, where a master brewer’s discipline and dedication is needed. God provides similar oversight upon his creations.

Originally, this brewing Lodge was born from masons who enjoyed good beer and wanted to keep masonic connections alive during COVID. Initially, it started as a group of five like-minded masons with a WhatsApp group chat, then soon grew to a Facebook group with thousands of members. Later, they were invited to take over an existing lodge, and thus Lodge Horus 3155 was reborn. Significantly, this Lodge only meets twice a year on a Saturday. What an excellent way to spend a Saturday – a cold brew and fraternity!

Historically, when one thinks Freemasons and beer, one might think of Samuel Adams.* The Samuel Adams Brewery produces some of the most finely crafted beers in the United States. Though it is debatable if Samuel Adams was a brewer, he did work in a malthouse which produced the malt that was used in beer.

One might also think of Bro Benjamin Franklin: he originated the famous quote that all beer drinkers know by heart and share enthusiastically – ‘Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to prosper’! Ever since the birth of the United States beer has been the beverage of choice for Americans. In fact, at a large parade in Philadelphia to celebrate the ratification of the Constitution, several of the local brewers marched in the parade under a banner that read: ‘Ale – a proper drink for Americans.’

We can see that there are exciting new lodges, focused on key themes, popping up all around the world. The ‘Beer Lodge’ is one exciting way to connect and share our masonic values. And in this author’s opinion, this is news worth raising a glass to!

* Samuel Adams (1722–1802) was a Founding Father of the United States.

We encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol, if you have concerns and need help call the ADIS helpline on 1800 250 015


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