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The Eternal Debate: Quantity vs. Quality in Freemasonry

10 June 2024

Why do we often find ourselves questioning the value of what we join or commit to? This thought-provoking question leads ...

The 1st Grand Master

29 April 2024

The United Grand Lodge of Freemasons. The following article appeared in the Sydney Mail on September 22, 1888. The installation of His ...

A path to light

03 April 2024

Freemasonry is different. It is not the same as a bowls club, a church congregation or a trade union. In the ...

What is a lewis?

01 April 2024

The stonemason’s lewis is a device used in raising and lowering stone blocks in the course of building construction as ...

That Second Set of Tools

29 March 2024

 By W Bro R Whiteley  The Second Degree is perhaps the most important in Freemasonry, although not generally so regarded. It is ...

The Apprentice’s Tools

28 March 2024

The Apprentice’s Tools Within the symbolism of the working tools of the Entered Apprentice lays the intellectual and spiritual foundation ...

Freemasonry: A Framework for Meaningful Engagement in Retirement

27 March 2024

The Context of Retirement: As a 50-year-old Freemason, I've come to see retirement not just as a stage of life, but ...


26 March 2024

The stained glass panel In 1950, VW Bro Dr Alexander Hayward Parker, a local medical practitioner, called at the home of ...

An old Past Master: For love or money

25 March 2024

‘I’m afraid we are not going to have the pleasure of hearing Professor Filson’, said the young mason to the ...

A mason’s finishing tools

22 March 2024

Freemasonry is described in our ritual as a Progressive Science, the study of three degrees intended to teach making good ...

Corn, wine and oil

21 March 2024

In olden times, back in the early years, builders and labourers were paid in different ways. In masonic history, we were ...

Yes, that Freemasonry.

20 March 2024

Freemasonry Might Be the Cure for Gen Z Men’s Desperate Loneliness Meet Bull Garlington, a US-based Freemason and acclaimed author of ...

Harnessing Rituals for Life's Journey: The Masonic Perspective

14 March 2024

Ever considered the role of rituals in shaping our lives? Freemasonry, an ancient and respected fraternity, gives profound importance to ...

The Sun At Its Meridian

08 March 2024

Rooted in the practices of our Operative ancestors, this saying carries an important lesson for our modern lives, even if ...

Did you know that Freemasonry offers a unique blend of tradition and personal growth?

06 March 2024

Freemasonry not only upholds centuries-old traditions but also focuses on the personal and moral development of its members. The Mark ...

The role of a Grand Master

05 March 2024

The entry of a Grand Master into Grand Lodge or any lodge often sparks curiosity as to what is a ...

Is Forgiveness a Mark of Strength?

29 February 2024

Have you ever pondered over the concept of forgiveness and its place in the realm of manliness? The Art of ...

5000 Meals Made Possible in Newcastle District by Fundraising by Local Masons

23 February 2024

In a remarkable journey of community service and unity, Lodge Novacastria 765, led by Worshipful Master Joseph Balasabas, embarked on ...

Freemasonry Unveiled: A Journey of Self-Development

15 February 2024

Answered - Is Freemasonry a Secret Society? This question often shrouds the Masonic order in mystery, piquing the curiosity of many. ...

A Masonic Pride and Joy

14 February 2024

Two Whiddon residents are into three figures and still going strong. Today Whiddon Homes is simply known as ‘Whiddon’, but their ...


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