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Is Forgiveness a Mark of Strength?

29 February 2024

Have you ever pondered over the concept of forgiveness and its place in the realm of manliness? The Art of ...

5000 Meals Made Possible in Newcastle District by Fundraising by Local Masons

23 February 2024

In a remarkable journey of community service and unity, Lodge Novacastria 765, led by Worshipful Master Joseph Balasabas, embarked on ...

Freemasonry Unveiled: A Journey of Self-Development

15 February 2024

Answered - Is Freemasonry a Secret Society? This question often shrouds the Masonic order in mystery, piquing the curiosity of many. ...

A Masonic Pride and Joy

14 February 2024

Two Whiddon residents are into three figures and still going strong. Today Whiddon Homes is simply known as ‘Whiddon’, but their ...

Message to the Brethren of The United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT By RW Bro Drysdale, Grand Chaplain

13 February 2024

Message to the Brethren of The United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT By RW Bro Drysdale, Grand Chaplain I wish ...

The Mystery of St. John in Freemasonry: A Symbolic Journey of Balance and Enlightenment

08 February 2024

Have you ever wondered why St. John is so significant in Freemasonry? Freemasonry, a fraternity shrouded in symbols and ceremonies, ...

The Enduring Connection of 'Auld Lang Syne' and Freemasonry: A Journey of Fraternal Bonds and Timeless Tradition

07 February 2024

Why does 'Auld Lang Syne' resonate so profoundly within Freemasonry? This globally recognized song, traditionally sung to bid farewell to ...

The Transformative Power of Rituals: A Deep Dive into Their Role in Personal Development

06 February 2024

Have you ever considered how rituals shape our lives and identities? In our journey through the nature and power of ...

Exploring Freemasonry: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Material Culture

05 February 2024

What does a simple wristwatch reveal about life's deeper mysteries? Picture a young boy at a family picnic, Captivated by a ...

Introduction: The Foundation of Harmony

02 February 2024

Have you ever wondered how a simple apology could rebuild a bridge thought long burnt? Imagine a journey where the ...

Looking seriously back at the past

29 January 2024

The Jewish New Year takes place on different days in September or October, according to the Jewish calendar, and the ...

A sandstone city

25 January 2024

You don’t have to be a Freemason to be inspired by the magnificence of the sandstone buildings constructed by stonemasons ...

The role of recruitment

24 January 2024

Recruitment – what role should it have in Freemasonry and how should that role be achieved? Attracting new members is of ...

Rocking for Charity - Lodge Blacktown Kildare's #CharityGig2

23 January 2024

Imagine a Masonic hall echoing not with solemn ritual, but with the vibrant pulse of a rock and roll gig! The ...

The Masonic Journey

17 January 2024

In Freemasonry, each degree ceremony marks the beginning of a new chapter, like embarking on a fresh career path or ...

The Past Master’s Jewel

16 January 2024

There is no higher, and theoretically, more important office in a lodge than that of the Worshipful Master. The Jewel ...

Journey into Fatherhood: Freemasonry's Quiet Guidance

12 January 2024

By W Bro Mitchell Perrin Becoming a father is a life-altering experience, one which can bring forth a myriad of emotions, challenges, ...

It’s Lodge Tonight

05 January 2024

It’s Lodge Tonight By: RW Bro John R Cooper    It’s Lodge tonight, and I’ll be there, To meet with my brethren, companionship to ...

People or programs?

04 January 2024

By Your Life Choices - Do you trust the algorithm? Computers continue to defy expectations about their capabilities, and it is happening ...

Would you like a pint of Masonry?

02 January 2024

By W Bro Dr Max Katz-Barber Would you like a pint of Masonry? Recently the United Grand Lodge of England welcomed Lodge ...


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