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The broken column

13 June 2024

Masonic Widows By Yvonne McIntyre PhD ‘His work was not done, yet his column is broken;  Mourn ye and weep, for ...

Exercise when you’re older

12 June 2024

What an interesting and intriguing topic for an organization with such a top-heavy and ageing demographic. It deserves to be ...

The Logo of Freemasonry

07 June 2024

The Square and Compasses Middle-aged and elderly adults all remember how important their set-square and compasses were as geometrical instruments in ...

Masonry on the Titanic

06 June 2024

A great deal of publicity has been made about the sinking of the passenger liner Titanic during her maiden voyage ...

What it means to be an RFS volunteer

05 June 2024

So, when did the 2019/20 Bush Fire Season in NSW start? It’s hard to recall now after so many calls ...

Humour in troubled times

04 June 2024

Modern historians believe the prehistoric paintings and drawings on caves are really moving pictures. More to the point they could ...

White gloves – symbol of equality and purity

03 June 2024

The wearing of white gloves in NSW lodges seems to have decreased over the past three decades apart from members ...

The Oldest Lodge

27 May 2024

Masonry has a long history but the question is often asked as to which is the oldest Lodge in Australia. Lodge ...

Why Do We Say "So Mote It Be?"

24 May 2024

Masons say ‘So Mote It Be’ at the end of a prayer. What is its origin? This expression really constitutes a ...

Ancient Charges and Regulations

23 May 2024

What are the Ancient Charges and Regulations? The ‘Old Charges’ are a number of parchment rolls or books dating between the ...

Marked Men

20 May 2024

Recently, at The Elysian Lodge 418 an Emergent Meeting was convened to confer the status of Mark Man on six ...

Canberra Christmas Fundraiser

16 May 2024

Combined Lodges Caledonia of Canberra 938, Capitol 612 and Chapter Caledonia In front of the beautiful backdrop of Lake Burley Griffin, ...

Army and Navy OBEs

15 May 2024

Lodge Army and Navy had another busy night with the initiation of three new brethren in December. In the presence ...

Freemasons Concord-Ryde team up with Vinnies

14 May 2024

NSW Freemasons in Leichhardt and Concord West started the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Charity Drive about 40 years ...

Mobile Masons - Wiradjuri Country Hospitality

13 May 2024

Wiradjuri Country Hospitality A Welcome to Wiradjuri Country was recently extended to Mobile Masons who had travelled to Condobolin for their ...

Cedars does it in style

09 May 2024

Cedars Lodge celebrated the Installation of its new Master on Saturday 24 February, 2024 in an atmosphere of camaraderie, enthusiasm ...

Masonic Aprons

06 May 2024

Someone once asked a question regarding the history of why our aprons look like they do. This answer was given ...

Going bald for Bland

03 May 2024

West Wyalong masonic identity RW Bro John Scascighini (better known as ‘Scaz’) is well known for his hirsute visage. He is ...

Lodge Morisset Moves

02 May 2024

After 1,252 meetings Lodge Morisset has said farewell to its Yambo Street premises, and in future will meet at the ...

Masonic knots

01 May 2024

The (k)nots of Freemasonry By VW Bro Dr Graeme Gwilliam Among the many decorative knots, we can observe at least one of ...


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