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The 1st Grand Master

29 April 2024

The United Grand Lodge of Freemasons. The following article appeared in the Sydney Mail on September 22, 1888. The installation of His ...


04 April 2024

Melbourne-born Fred Walker is probably not well known in masonic circles, but his products are known Australia-wide and overseas. Walker, a ...


26 March 2024

The stained glass panel In 1950, VW Bro Dr Alexander Hayward Parker, a local medical practitioner, called at the home of ...

The Enduring Connection of 'Auld Lang Syne' and Freemasonry: A Journey of Fraternal Bonds and Timeless Tradition

07 February 2024

Why does 'Auld Lang Syne' resonate so profoundly within Freemasonry? This globally recognized song, traditionally sung to bid farewell to ...

Who was Jackson?

31 January 2024

Sydney Harbour is acknowledged worldwide as one of the finer shipping facilities and sailing areas of inhabited nations. Sailing through the ...

A touch of history

30 January 2024

The name of 1st Lt George Leo Cantello is probably only known in the Sydney suburb of Hammondville where a ...

Good night, and may God bless

26 January 2024

Richard Bernard Skelton, better known as Red, was born 18 July 1913 in Vincennes, Indiana. He was the fourth son of ...

A sandstone city

25 January 2024

You don’t have to be a Freemason to be inspired by the magnificence of the sandstone buildings constructed by stonemasons ...

Famous mason: Sir Asher Joel

24 October 2023

A man of value Few men really become legends in their lifetime. Sir Asher Joel is one man who achieved that ...

ANZMRC and Harry Kellerman

23 October 2023

By VW Bro NW Morse  There’s a Lodge Kellerman and a Kellerman Lectureship. Who was he, and what did he do ...

History lesson

05 October 2023

Railroad tracks are fascinating! The U.S. standard railway gauge i.e., the distance between the rails, is four feet, eight and ...

Louis Armstrong - About a Brother

04 October 2023

About a brother BIG CHEEKS. I bet you don’t know a personality who was known as ‘Big cheeks.’ Big cheeks, a ...

The Three Great Pillars

10 August 2023

Pillars or columns have always held a peculiar and important place in Freemasonry and are objects of great interest to ...

Who was Scott Fell?

31 August 2022

In a chapter from his coming book The Lodge above the Baker’s Shop, VW Bro Alan Gale tells the story ...


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