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The Right Honourable Sir Robert Menzies

05 December 2023

Robert Gordon Menzies was initiated into Freemasonry in the Austral Temple Lodge No 110 VC on 10 March 1920. This ...

Our Journey to the Chair in 2023: A Bond that Ties Us Stronger Together

04 December 2023

“My husband, my son, my brothers… my daughter, my sister”. By: Sister Jheannie Callao  Worthy Matron, Malvern Chapter No. 60, Order of ...

A win for prostate cancer research

24 November 2023

Lodge Hurlstone Park United No 288 and District 34A On Saturday 22 July 2023, Lodge Hurlstone Park United and District ...

Local Masons and RFBI Forge a Lifeline for Glen Innes Public School's Breakfast Club and Donate $6000

07 November 2023

In a remarkable demonstration of community unity, the Glen Innes Masons and the Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution (RFBI) have joined ...

A Start in Life scholarship

07 November 2023

An excellent start to A Start in Life’s new scholarship! A Start in Life’s Career and Skills Development Scholarship focuses on ...

Scottish Rite: An international success

06 November 2023

By RW Bro Dominic de Candia In June 2023, the Annual Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia meeting marked a ...

Generosity Across the Centuries: A Changing Landscape

03 November 2023

The meaning of Generosity has changed over the past 500 years, just as Freemasonry has changed. If someone was generous in ...

Celebrating soccer: A historic publishing Achievement

03 November 2023

Celebrating soccer: A historic publishing Achievement, By Lynne Clay The massive crowds, the talent of the competitors and the inspired run ...

The enduring significance of fraternal institutions

02 November 2023

Fraternal institutions have played a vital role in societies throughout history, fostering brotherhood, camaraderie, and social cohesion.  Despite the changing dynamics of ...

An interview with a young mason - Bro Omar Golfo

31 October 2023

  RW Bro Owen Sandry started writing stories about young masons a few years ago. It was so popular that Freemason ...

On the ice - A never-to-be forgotten wilderness adventure

30 October 2023

By RW Bro Ted Simmons OAM It is the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent in the world – it’s nearly ...

Be a volunteer

25 October 2023

Volunteer! ‘Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain’ – Volunteering Australia.   In 2014 it was estimated ...

Famous mason: Sir Asher Joel

24 October 2023

A man of value Few men really become legends in their lifetime. Sir Asher Joel is one man who achieved that ...

ANZMRC and Harry Kellerman

23 October 2023

By VW Bro NW Morse  There’s a Lodge Kellerman and a Kellerman Lectureship. Who was he, and what did he do ...

Masonry ‘revealed’ - Cryptography

20 October 2023

Cryptography - By W Bro Damien Donavan We are taught to be cautious about how we communicate with other masons and ...

Shall I be a Mason

16 October 2023

This article is from Transactions of the Lodge Quatuor Coronati Vol 1 1888, pages 146–147, unaltered and as unearthed from ...

Masonic Presentations

12 October 2023

AIM  When we decide to host a presentation for any reason, be it an open night to encourage membership enquiries, to ...

Jacob’s ladder

09 October 2023

We first hear of Jacob’s Ladder in Genesis 28:10-22. During his arduous journey from Beersheba to Haran, Jacob stopped to ...

An examination gone wrong

06 October 2023

This interesting little story was taken from Revelations of a Square, written by the Reverend Bro G Oliver DD and ...

Louis Armstrong - About a Brother

04 October 2023

About a brother BIG CHEEKS. I bet you don’t know a personality who was known as ‘Big cheeks.’ Big cheeks, a ...


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