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The enduring significance of fraternal institutions

02 November 2023

Fraternal institutions have played a vital role in societies throughout history, fostering brotherhood, camaraderie, and social cohesion.  Despite the changing dynamics of ...

Be a volunteer

25 October 2023

Volunteer! ‘Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain’ – Volunteering Australia.   In 2014 it was estimated ...

Shall I be a Mason

16 October 2023

This article is from Transactions of the Lodge Quatuor Coronati Vol 1 1888, pages 146–147, unaltered and as unearthed from ...

The Ashlars

14 August 2023

Within the body of a lodge there are three representations of the ashlar. In the northeast, we find the rough ...

If it's worth's worth saying well

07 August 2023

‘An outstanding voice is the most powerful instrument in the speaker’s  tool box. Spending time to improve the way you ...

How to Talk Publicly About Freemasonry

30 July 2023

What to say when we are asked "What's Lodge" or "What's Freemasonry" Freemasonry has long been cloaked in an air of ...

Worries of a Master Mason

31 August 2022

Not all masons want to advance their masonic careers in their lodge. Many have good reasons for not wanting to ...

Why I chose Freemasonary

29 August 2022

The first time I was asked why I had joined Freemasonry, I did not have a ready answer but after ...


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